Zoe Kravitz has joined in on the ASMR videos (that seem to be coming at a rapid pace) since teaming with Michelob Ultra's Pure Gold USDA-certified organic beer for a Super Bowl commercial. The advertisement sees Zoe sitting in a plush, green landscape in Honolulu on a wooden platform with just two mics and a bottle of Michelob Ultra.

The 45-second clip features Zoe whispering sweet nothings about the beer and even cracking open a bottle and pouring it into a glass. 

"I did some research before we shot and watched some [ASMR] videos, and I think it's really interesting," Zoe told Popsugar. "Even if I didn't experience that tingly sensation, it always captured my attention in a way that I found really calming. When something can actually fully grab your attention, you're not thinking about the millions of thoughts that are constantly running through your head. I find that element to be really calming."

As for teaming with the beer company, that was an easy choice for Zoe. "I love the idea of an organic beer that's available to the masses," she added.

"I try to eat and drink and use skin products [that are] organic, because it makes me feel better and more responsible knowing the ingredients that I'm putting inside of my body. I loved the idea of being the messenger for this wonderful organic option."

Check out the ad below.