T.I. and his wife Tiny have lived their lives out loud as they've not only spoken openly about their struggles but broadcasted their lives on reality television. It's not surprising that the Grammy Award-winning couple has produced children that also have dreams of making it big in the industry, but when Tiny's daughter Zonnique began dating a rapper, some people didn't think that T.I.'s step-daughter would get the seal of approval from her parents. Zonnique and Bandhunta Izzy have been enjoying their unproblematic relationship, and in a recent interview, Zonnique shared what she feels is the most difficult part about being loved up with a rap star.

Tommaso Boddi / Stringer / Getty Images

"I would say just knowing that so many girls are after your boyfriend is just something that's always in the back of your head," she said. "You just have to have this trust thing on, but that, just seeing so many people after him, in comments [and] at shows. Just wanting to be there, not being able to be there like, what is going on." Zonnique added that she knows how shameless some women can be because she's seen it "first-hand" with her step-father T.I.

"My mom gives me a lot of great love advice," Zonnique continued. "You just have to know who—my grandma says the same thing. You just have to know who you're willing to go through the problems with. Not just the happy times, which is what I'm used to. I'm not really used to heartbreak and staying in a relationship... My mom's like, if you wanna go, then maybe they're not the person for you, but if you wanna fight for it, then fight for it."

This is the first time Zonnique has ever lived with a boyfriend, even though her aunt, her mom's sister, told her never to cohabitate with a partner. She said sharing a space with Bandhunta Izzy is much better than expected. "I like to be alone, but I really enjoy living with my boyfriend." Watch a clip of her interview below.