Zonnique Pullins is currently expecting her first child with rapper Bandhunta Izzy but during a question-and-answer session on Instagram, Izzy had people scratching their heads with his statements.

The rapper accepted all kinds of inquiries from his followers, even answering whether or not he wants to marry his girlfriend Zonnique.

Posting a picture of a man looking confused, many interpreted this as a "nah, not really" from Izzy. 

When it came time to answer whether he's cool with T.I., Zonnique's step-father, Izzy made another questionable choice. He indirectly answered the question by sharing a video from In Living Color where Damon Wayans' character uses a bunch of big words to describe something. This was Izzy's slick way of mocking Tip for always communicating with a thesaurus in hand.

As the posts started gaining traction, Izzy addressed them after getting reposted by The Shade Room, claiming that he was just playing around.

"I was joking," he wrote in the comments.

Still, that Tip one is pretty hilarious.

Zonnique is presently expected to give birth in October. Bandhunta Izzy and her have been sharing all kinds of updates on social media, excited to welcome their little one into the world. Congratulations to the couple.